Friday, July 27, 2007

How I came to paint - take 1

This took a while to work back to. I finally returned to a summer's day in the late Pleistocene. I was about three years of age when ...


EXTERIOR DAY : Neat white medium sized house with green shutters on a corner lot in a neat white middle income neighborhood.

INTERIOR DAY: Cut to the attached one car garage. Camera pans down a row of shutters freshly painted a deep, piney green leaning against the wall. Stops for a close up of two tiny hands reaching for the brush and paint bucket.

INTERIOR DAY CLOSE SHOT An overfilled brush touches the garage wall, multiple runs form as the brush describes one arc then another and another.


NARRATOR: So I began as a graffitist, a writer, a vandal. After working out my technique on the garage walls, I was ready to make a statement. I marched over to hit the next door neighbor's house and began my first major piece on their chalk white clapboard. I was busted before I got too much further along but I'd like to point out that I was not just aping my Dad, I did not want to paint things green. I was writin', man ; large and public.

I learned something that day so long ago...



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